Larry has a wonderful, gracious attitude and a stunningly smooth and mellifluous voice that cheerfully echoes in the room and hallways which attracts other people in the building to come and partake of his performance.  He mixes popular songs with a few gospel tunes that are just right for my audience who are seniors….some with a bit of Alzheimer’s.  The last thing to go away in my dementia resident’s mind is music and Larry never fails to engage and deliver an uplifting performance that all can enjoy and relate to.  I am happy to have him come to Highgate on a regular basis because he always exits the room and the smiles and great attitudes on my resident’s faces last long after he is gone.  I am happy to recommend him very highly!”.  



I have listened to Larry many times and sang a few times with him. He is a fantastic performer     



Larry was asked to do a musical program at our church picnic. His performance made an otherwise dull picnic a very memorable event, the picnic came "ALIVE"! He sang songs that most of us knew and invited our group to join in the singing several times. Much to everyones surprise  the picnic lasted much longer than ever before. We credit  it to Larry's great  singing. I've also heard him perform at the Willows retirement home and the Ferndale senior center.His singing is well attended and very much enjoyed by all. 



We  first heard Larry at a luncheon attended by over 200 guests. We enjoyed his music so much we asked him to sing at our 50th wedding anniversary party attended by over 40 friends and relatives. We like country, 50's and 60's rock and roll as well as pop and classical. Our request list included all genres. Larry performed for over 3 hours doing all our requests as well as spontaneous guest requests. One of our guests with excellent vocal talents teamed with Larry to perform outstanding duets that delighted and entertained us and our guests. Larry's music was the "hit" of the party.
Marc and Mary    

Larry Wheeler was our musical entertainment at our wedding ,  We discussed what kind of music we would like for the reception a couple of weeks ahead of time.  He learned we liked rock n roll as well as country and some pop music and created a list ahead of time for us to peruse.  We requested a special song  but did not like some lyrics in the song ,  Larry rewrote those lyrics for the wedding and they fit us perfectly.  He also came up with the song for a couple of friends whose anniversary was the same day.  They were very happy to dance to "their song."
Many friends and relatives complimented on the music they enjoyed at our wedding and asked who performed,
and we were proud to tell them it was Larry Wheeler.  We recommend him to anyone who needs a singer to
provide great music for any event.

Larry came to our home and preformed for a birthday celebration,it made the party a lot of fun.  Larry had my 5 year old great granddaughter take the mic and sing her favorite song from "FROZEN" despite feeling very nervous. Larry is a friendly type,mixing with guest during the break and everyone commented on how much they enjoyed his music